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Why satin should be a staple in your wardrobe

Although fashion often looks effortless when worn so well it is in fact a troublesome task to firstly find your personal style and even just put an outfit together that you look and feel good in. Fashion bloggers and influencers make a point of telling you that there are a number of staple pieces that everyone should have in your wardrobe to make styling easier.

They are not wrong but be honest with yourself how much work is the plain white t-shirt and light blue mom jean combination going to do for the exploration of your style.

Elevated basics are also a must have and what is more elevated and effortlessly elegant than satin? Here are just a few reasons why you should stock up on satin basics.

1.Loose and luxe

There are fashion formulas that work and some that just simply do not work as well. The tight jeans and tight top style is overrated and slowly but surely becoming outdated in terms of trends so why not switch out your crop or basic fitted t-shirt for a looser fitting satin shirt or blouse and for the summer time look opt for a satin camisole top that hangs off your frame with ease. If you still want a more fitted look you can always tuck the front of the shirt into your jeans for a French tuck moment.

2. Instantly makes you look pricey and high value

There is no real explanation as to why this is but personally its a combination of things that factor in to why satin can make you look expensive within an instant. It could be the shimmer of the material or the softens or the way it drapes over the body (if correctly sized) even pairing two satin pieces together if done well does not look like satin overkill it just looks classy especially in cool tones like champagne.

3. Does the hard work for you

If you find the correct neckline you will not even have to think too tough about accessorizing. A satin dress with a higher neckline no décolletage or cleavage on show requires nothing more than a cute heel or flat (whatever your preference) and some earrings whether they are drop earrings or a simple stud. Though such an effortless outfit it will look to others like you really took time and put a lot of effort into just the thought of this ensemble.

So when you next go to replenish your basics or curate your wardrobe don't forget to pick up a satin piece or two. You'll thank yourself in the long run believe me. Shop these pieces and more boujee styles over on our website now.

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