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Modern day maternity wear

Fashion continues to evolve in every aspect and the biggest evolution or more so epiphany that the fashion industry has had this year is maternity wear.

I cannot speak from experience but I have seen maternity wear and it is not the most flattering clothing for a time in your life where your body is changing weekly maybe even as fast as changing daily. Maternity clothing can be fantastic for comfort but other than a body con summer dress is maternity fashion doing anything for your style, self esteem and perception of yourself.

You are about to be someone's mother. You do not need to diminish yourself and your own shine. You are still you. You are just you with children or a child.

You are going to bring another life into this world and you should at least be feeling fabulous during the lead up to that special day.

Singer, actress and fashion icon, Robyn Rihanna Fenty AKA Rihanna, has been a trail blazer this year with her maternity fashion and has set an example for expecting mothers everywhere. Her style is daring, vibrant, extravagant and now very trendy. The example she has set is one to be noticed and embraced. Pregnancy should not dull down your fashion choices. Use your baby bump as a centrepiece for a bigger and more beautiful art piece.

Who said motherhood meant you have to give up mesh, short skirts, bikinis and showing off your midriff? No one it's just a misconception derived from the frumpy, unflattering maternity wear you've been exposed to. So for some inspiration for new age maternity fashion here are our favourite pregnancy looks "Badgalriri" has served us so far

1. Y2K Aesthetics

The jeans with the wrap around heel strap. The trucker hat the multi animal print longline coat paired with the earth toned tie front top. This woman can do no wrong when it comes to fashion. The outfit shouldn't work but it does and it is flawless.

2. Monochromatic Mother Nature

Monochrome will always be on trend and this look right here, takes it all the way. the glasses match the jumpsuit and the shoes (despite the shoes being a different shade of blue, bit more of a teal shade). The real statement is the cut outs in this unitard/jumpsuit. It's brave, bold and we love it. The earth tones in the outerwear is what gives the entire look the nature vibe. The sage green longing coat with the washed brown hoodie just adds that cosy element and we are here for it.

3. Black excellence

Nothing (in my personal opinion) beats an all black ensemble. This one really takes the cake and it really is the details that make the outfit for us. That criss cross front over the baby bump is giving everything we need from a fashionista like Rihanna. The stirrup leggings with the ankle embellished heel is beautiful. What I cannot help but notice is how she has mixed gold and silver so seamlessly. What an icon for women everywhere.

4. Pretty, pink and fun

Pink to make the boys wink. Just kidding but this outfit is so simple and cute. The pale pink jeans and brighter pink bra style top are a beautiful combination along with the makeup with tinges of pink. the brown jacket gives it that street style vibe that everyone is loving in fashion and then the pink cuddly toy draped over her shoulder should be a fashion don't but its just really cute and fun. Love it!

Riri haș paved the way for women everywhere. Wear what you want no matter what you're going through, no matter what your body is looking like. If Rihanna can wear a crop top and mini skirt on a beach whilst being very pregnant so can you or it might give you the courage to put on the bikini this summer no matter your shape and size. Be comfortable and confident in your body. Trust me, I know it is easier said than done but starting little by little will make all the difference.

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