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How to be fashionable during festival season

Festivals are all about the music and good vibes but let's be honest it is also a huge opportunity to serve some undeniable looks. Fringe, mesh, colourful outfits and weirdly enough the cowboy aesthetic are all style choices we associate with festival fashion. Here are some of our favourite festival trends.

1. Not so covered up cover up

There is just something so cheeky about wearing a cover up that covers nothing. Chloe Bailey has been showing out this year and definitely is not scared to show some skin. Just look at her in a bright almost fuchsia pink bikini and net like over dress. The queen of Boho chic Vanessa Hudgens also wore an outfit that fits the same concept but it was more of a neutral colour palette and it screams desert goddess. We love it!

2. Bright monochrome

Fashion made easy. A monochrome outfit where every element of the ensemble is the same colour. You just cannot go wrong. Go with a bright colour palette for a festival. Vibrant and luminescent is the way to go and we say the bolder the better.

3. Frills and fringe

I think everybody knows that fringe is a popular festival style choice especially for those attending the big festivals like Bonaroo and Coachella. Whether you wear a fringe jacket, belt or bag. Adding frills and fringe can really take your outfit to the next level. Just look at this fantastic outfit Leoni Hanne wore to Coachella this year.

4. Glitz and glamour

Adding sparkle has always been a big trend for festival fashion but it has more often than not been face jewels and sparkly eye makeup. Why not take it to the next level with a blinged out hat or even a glitzy cover up. You could go for a big statement with a cowboy hat or keep the glitz to your makeup and accessories.

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