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Appreciate culturally inspired fashion with Miss Boujee

Here at Miss Boujee we have created a cultural focus when it comes to fashion.

In todays society, people are often accused of appropriating cultural attire when in actuality they are trying to show their appreciation but because they are not of the ethnic background that originated the cultural clothing they are shamed for sporting it and making it become something "trendy".

Many of our pieces take inspiration from traditional cultural fashion. Our culturally inspired designs take traditional cuts and structures and colour palettes and patterns showing appreciation for the culture in a covert way.

We think that there needs to be more focus on cultural wear in modern day fashion without it being appropriated. There is no harm done in showing appreciation and injecting a little inspiration into the clothing.

Our culturally inspired collection includes, kaftans, modest fashions inspired by muslim women as well as some extravagant culturally influenced gowns.

Shop our culturally inspired collection now and show your love for the cultures around you. You might even find a cultural piece from your own culture that catches your eye.

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